Kitchen Equivalents and Measures 

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Some time ago I came across an old fund-raising cookbook from a long defunct Ladies Club, from a northern town (one where -40 nights are quite common). The book had been printed by a firm on the Manitoba Praries and had included several pages of "Handy Kitchen Information".

I've found some of this info quite useful as I've got some old recipes that call for odd amounts of things - and through sharing may help out others.

Hope this is of use for at least one person. Cheers! Frank B. Ottawa Canada

Useful Hints



White Sauce - Liquid - Thickening - Fat - Seasoning(Salt)


Measures and Weights

Time Chart for Meat, Poultry and Fish


Item - Time (Min) per lb - Oven Temp( F)


All rolled roasts add 10 to 15 minutes per pound

To Stew Meat

Amount per serving


Boneless Meats - 1 pound will serve 4 people (this includes ground,

kidneys, liver sausage and canned meats


Small amounts of bone (Round steak, ham slice, pot roast, rib steaks)

- 1 lb will serve 3 people


Large amounts of bone ( Most steaks, short ribs, neck chops, brisket)

- 1 lb will serve 2 people.

Oven Temp Chart


Slow 250 - 325 F

Moderate 325 - 375

Moderate Hot 375 - 425

Hot 425 - 450

Very Hot 450 - 475

Cooking Times


Breads Minutes Temp



Proportions for Batters and Doughs



Baking Pies

Contents of Standard Cans

Approximate Equivalents or Substitutions in Baking and Cooking

Rules for Whipping Cream

Chill the cream, bowl and beater in the refrigerator for at least 2 hours. Beat until it is fairly stiff.

If cream is beaten until it is warmer than 45 degrees (F), it will turn to butter.

Should cream start to turn buttery, whip in two or 3 more tablespoonfuls of cold milk.

If you wish the cream to keep stiff for a day or two, add one teaspoon gelatine soaked in one tablespoon cold water. Dissolve the gelatin over hot water; allow to cool to the consistency of egg whites before adding to the cream and whipping.

Use medium speed when whipping cream with an electric beater.

Cream, when whipped, almost doubles in bulk.

Table for Dried Fruits

Cookie dough that needs to be rolled, works much better if it has been chilled for 10 to 30 minutes.

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